Friday, November 28, 2014

My Favorite Dragons of the 1980s

The 1980s were the decade when fantasy toys really took off.  Most of the playsets and figures on this site were made in the 80s.  Most of my favorite old school, unpainted, take 'em outside and play in the dirt with 'em, fantasy toy soldiers are from the 80s.  Most of the playsets come with dragons that are cool enough, but are really a little small to look right with toy soldiers.  So, in the 80s you had to take your full size dragons from wherever you could find them. There were a few lines of just dragons and other monsters from companies like Imperial and Chitech, but the dragons from action figure lines fit the bill as well.  Really outstanding dragons did not come along until the 1990s and after.  In my opinion, the toys from the movie Dragonheart started a whole new standard for toy dragons that has grown and improved to the point that you can now find dragons in toy stores that look like they belong on the covers of fantasy novels.  The 80s dragons still have there charm.  Here are my favorites.

Blackstar  Warlock dragon mount.


My very favorite dragon of the 1980s is Chitech's three headed dragon.  



Chitech's other dragon is not as cool.  


These are the only Imperial monsters that I really like. 

From Arco's The Other World.

These are the lava and ice dragons from Remco's Crystar line.  The ice dragon is missing his wings.  

This the Dragonne from TSR/JLN's Dungeons & Dragons line.

This is Tiamat from the Dungeons & Dragons line.  Photo is from an ebay auction.


  1. I got a dragon like this a while ago looking at its structure I saw the name of the company I ended up looking to find out its history as it was a dragon from the 80s era, I was happy to know all this context to which it is part, I thank you in advance published content, my dragon is the one from chietech which you mentioned that you didn't like hahaha, but I personally think it's fantastic.

  2. E vc não citou que o seu doginho feladamae desintegrou o rosto dele




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