Sunday, October 18, 2015

AMSCAN: Skeleton Figurines

This new set of 4 54mm skeleton warriors from AMSCAN is available at Party City stores.  They come in generic Halloween packaging, and are super cheap - $1.99 per bag of 16. These are very good quality sculps, and are made of a semisoft rubber like material.  Special thanks to Frank at Little Weirdos for pointing these guys out.  I love it when cool new stuff comes from unexpected sources.  


  1. Glad to see you post about them. My favorite is the skeleton holding the skull.

  2. Skeletons are cool and all, but why can't someone do a bag of Orcs? We've had at least 3 sets of skeleton warriors but the only Orcs are those extremely rare vending machine Orcs from the late 90s and the limited poses of Tehnolog . I would LOVE a bag or Orcs with about 6 or more poses. I'd buy a bunch if any manufacturer is reading this.

  3. IT is because of so many pirates of Caribbean movies that had created the fanatic with it. Still few movies included LOTR and hobbit have orks too,but seems less popular as even Disney park and pirates park set skeletons with pirates .At many party stores they sale the costumes and pirate things with skeleton pirates too..




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