Saturday, October 12, 2019

LOD: Amazons! The War at Troy.

LOD just released this set of four foot and two mounted 60mm amazons as historical rather than fantasy figures.  These are intended to be more realistic female warriors than the sexy figures made in Russia.  Some have armor and most show a little less skin than the Tehnolog or Oritet amazons.  I like both styles.   

They are made from a soft plastic.  The quality is very good but the aqua color is a bit difficult to photograph.  A nice set but a little expensive at around $30 a bag for 10 figures (two of each foot pose).

Scale Shot


  1. Really nice figures in good action poses,Except for the injured figure which i dont like and feel they wasted a pose there. I hear what your saying about photographing the figures but i like this colour and i would like to see more figures in brighter colours as some come in very dull colours and are crying out to be painted, But i think figures in colours like this can be left as they are. Yeah i agree on the price a bit expensive for many people and for only 6 figures and a bit much really.
    Regards Darren

    1. You actually get 10 figures to the bag. Two of each foot pose.

    2. Ok my mistake 10 figures is much better but still a bit expensive.
      Regards Darren

  2. I would use these as part of a Dark Elf army. I already have the female warriors from True Legends, although they would be dwarfed by these.




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