Sunday, December 6, 2020

TIMMEE Fantasy Figures Side By Side With The Original Superheroes.

I have recently acquired the original superheroes that Timmee turned into fantasy figures after they gave up their liscense with Marvel.  Their was only one run of the superheroes and each figure came in just one color.  All of the Hulk, Green Goblin, Doctor Octupus and Namor figures are green.  All of the Red Skull, Spiderman, Ironman and Human Torch figures are red.  All of the Captain America, Thor, Dr. Doom and Falcon figures are blue.  

I do not believe I have seen any pictures of them side by side before.  So, just for fun . . . . regular and color ehanced versions.  

Some bonus pics of all the Timmee Superheroes.


  1. Marvel Activated! I've been looking for Spider-Man and Doc Ock forever.

    1. Love your post on these guys. I know how hard they are to find. I spent years looking for them with only 4 poses to show for my effots. That all changed this year. I found all 8 figures I needed to complete my set. It has been a horrible year for everything else but at least one thing went my way this year.

  2. I had seen the bucket of fantasy figures and wondered why they had made the character choices they did. Thank you for solving that mystery for me!

  3. The hole in the original figures was to let the figure slide down a string.

  4. Looking for a Dr Doom lmk if you have any idea where I can score one..

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  6. I had those Fantasy Figures as a kid and didn't know until recently that they were reused Marvel Hero molds. Love the comparison shots!



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