Sunday, March 20, 2022

Female Orcs from Russia

I am going to post about all of the Russian figures I have in backlog over the next few days/weeks.  Ebay has cut off Russian sellers and I do not have the direct links I had a few years ago.  Who knows when, or if, this stuff will ever be on the market again.  Sadly, the soldiers that Russia is exporting these days are no longer toys.  

These are around 54mm - 60mm.  The detail is outstanding.  This is only the second set of Russiam made Orcs I have found that includes a magic user.  


  1. These are quite impressive! Are they Tehnolog or a different brand?

    1. Not sure of the brand, but not Tehnolog. Just one of those things that showed up on ebay before the war.

  2. Those look awesome. I've purchased some Russian plastic toy soldiers the last few years. They've done an awesome job. Sad with what's going on in the world these days.



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