Sunday, September 11, 2022

Dollar General Witch Characters

Dollar General has released  another new set of figures for Halloween this year.  The new set is called Witch Characters and has traditional pointy hat witchs in eight poses.  These are not as cool as the skeletons or the mummy army, but the are much better than last year's so called Ghost Pirates which were really just lame pirates with nothing ghostly about them.  These girls are made in the same scale as the other sets (42mm - 50mm).  They seem to be flying off the shelves.  Get them while you can.  

I think the one the with the star wand was moleled after a woman I dated in the 1990s.   


  1. Very cool! I'm going to have to track these down! So, the witch holding the orb holding a crystal ball or is she playing Quidditch?

    1. Get them this year. They ;might not make it back next year, The pirates seem to have been a one year wonder.

    2. I wanted more of those pirates and more of the witches, but I someone else beat me to all the other DOllar Generals around here.

  2. These look so cool. Will have to try and find them.

  3. You really do have good taste, concerning women.



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