Name Brand Sci Fi Toy Soldiers After 1980.

Name brand companies (and I use that term loosely) also produced some new sci fi toy soldiers and figures after 1980,  Like the cheap stuff, the big boys also had everything made in Hong Kong or mainland China.  Often, these figures are companion items for vehicles, action figures or other toys not really related to toy soldiers. Some of the figures are very high quality.  I don't know if my sets are compete (I know several are not) and I doubt very much that I will cover all of the available figures, but here is what I got, presented in rough chronological order.

LJN: X-Terminators

These bugmen and robots came out in 1985 with LJN's X-terminators line.  They are about 40mm.

ARCO: Battling Bugs

Apparently ARCO liked the X-terminators enough to copy the idea.  These also came out in 1985 and are about 35mm.

Mattel: GUTS Laser Fighters

Photo from ebay auction.

Photo from ebay auction.

Milton Bradley: The Omega Virus Game

Photo from ebay auction.

Action Masters Die Cast Figures

X Powerman

These guys are very obscure.  Made of plastic and about 3 inches.

Super Avengers

Power Rangers Bootleg.  The alien figure is cool.

Galoob: Trash Bag Bunch

Galoob's Trash Bag Bunch line is more extensive that what I have pictured here, but the missing figures are, in my opinion, just too stupid to use with any other figures.  These ones on the other hand, are great. 

Trendmasters: Rumble Wars

These came out in 2000.  In my opinion, the brown aliens in this set are the first really good alien army toy soldiers.

Tree House Toys: Aliens

Trendmasters: Alien Hunters

Tombola Space Collection

I think these were released by a company called Tombola in individual surprise bags.

Tron 2.0

Jakks: Mighty Battle Game Skrull Warriors

Photo from Ebay Auction.


  1. I love this webpage, but could you please say where we can get those toys ?

  2. I love this webpage, but could you please say where we can get those toys ?

    1. Ebay has always been my best source. Other than that, it is catch as catch can at flee markets, thrift stores & garage sales.

  3. thanks for posting this, I know it's a long shot but any clue where I can find X powerman, ebay didn't give me anything

  4. The 54mm 'Tombola' were Party Pig, Shaun, as Tombola they were 25mm and found in their chocolate suprise-eggs, vis-a-vis Kinder.





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