Vintage Sci Fi Toy Soldiers After Star Wars

After Star Wars was first released in the 1970s the look of most science fiction toys changed forever. Battlestar Galactica also seems to have had an influence, particularly on English companies like Britains and Airfix.  Timmee was the last American company still producing figures in the USA, and continued under the name Processed Plastics Co for a couple of decades. I am splitting a fine hair on what I call vintage on this page. These are figures made before or during the 1980s that were not made in Asia.  I am going to do a another page all about the wild sci fi figures that did come out of Asia in the 1980s and after.  The figures below are the last cheap figures that I know of, made in the USA and Europe, that show influences from Star Wars, Battle Star Galactica and other 70s/80s Sci Fi franchises.

Timmee: Galaxy Laser Team/Star Patrol 

I must admit that I didn't much care for these figures as a kid.  I wanted army men that had the Star Wars look and not the old pulp look.  These figures tried to have it both ways and I only came to appreciate them as I got older. Timmee/PPC put them out for what seems like at least 20 years in various bags and playsets.  They have been re-released by the new Timmee in bagged sets.  There are also a lot of bootleg figures from Mexico and South America.  

Britains: Stargards/Star System

I had just one of the yellow figures as a kid.  I got him in a trade with a buddy and neither of us knew anything about it other that it was one of those guys you had to buy one at a time in the expensive toy store.  The guy I had was missing his base, helm and weapon, but still stood up just fine.  I was actually disappointed when I found some completed figures because the weapons and space bubble helm looked old fashioned to me.  Again, they were not Star Wars enough for me. The movie had that kind of effect on just about every boy I knew between 10 and 16 for about a decade after the movie's first release.  I would not change a thing about them now.  You can see the Battle Star Galactica influence in the robots, which are just robot heads on the same bodies (including the female body).  

Airfix: Space Warriors

These figures are a strange mix of influences.  I see old school pulp, Battle Star Glactica and maybe Krull and Dr. Who.  I also under valued these figures as a youngster.

Atlantic: Space Battle

I am not 100% sure these came out after Star Wars.  They are about 40mm.


  1. Atlantic space were release first in 1973,with other sets right after in 1975.The space ships and large robots/alien multipose were done early in 1971/72

    1. Thanks, I have been wondering about that for a long time.

    2. Unfortunately, that is not correct.
      The large figures (Galaxy Series) were released in 1978 (a little too late to ride the Star wars mania).
      The Galaxy Series had an excellent, very distinctive look that perhaps owes more to Metal Hurlant and Moebius than to Star Wars.
      The little ones, called "legionari spaziali" and "Mostri spaziali" that I also have, were probably released in the same year or soon after, and could be used as pawns in a boardgame.
      If memory serves I bought them, aliens and astronauts, in 1978-79.
      Here are some links:

      Here we can see preliminary sketches for the little green guys and other unreleased figures made by Ezio Savazzi, who also did the Galaxy Series concept art:

      And a link for the Galaxy Series:

      Your site is amazing :)

    3. "The large figures (Galaxy Series) were released in 1978 (a little too late to ride the Star wars mania)."

      How is that too late? Star Wars was released in 1977 and re-released in 1978. Kenner didn't even have official toys out until '78!

      Star Wars was the top selling brand for toys and movies through 1983. Bootleggers and Kenner-hopefuls were still making Star Wars ripoffs through the mid-80s.

    4. Unfortunately, I admit that 2 years after I sent my comment I can't seem to remember exactly why I wrote that line. But I guess you're right. What I recall of Galaxy Serie is that it was the first attempt by Atlantic to introduce larger and somewhat poseable figures (or MO-VA-BLE!!, as they wrote in their advertising) in the toy soldier market , but having only 2 points of articulation was a letdown of sorts. Yet, the design was amazing.

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  3. Hola, quería saber si tenían algunas de estas series de set a la venta, o bien, donde puedo comprarlas : (Timmee: Galaxy Laser Team/Star Patrol y Britain Star System) quisiera comprar algunos, mi email es GUNDARKERR@GMAIL.COM , me encanta tu blog y hace un par de meses que lo estoy siguiendo, tu material es excelente. Les mando un saludo a tu gente.




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