Wednesday, September 10, 2014

ACCOUTREMENTS: invasion of the Monster Women

This weird set of 6 rubber figures came out some time around the mid 1990s, but the packaged set I have is dated 2004.

Picture from an ebay auction.


  1. Ah, got to love these. They were originally released quite a while before 2004, though. I remember getting mine at an art supply store in 1995-1996 while visiting my older brother on his college campus.

  2. Thanks, I did not know that. I just went from the date on the package, but someone else may have released them in the 90s, or maybe they were released more than once by Accoutrements.

  3. Archee McFee company us to carry them. they even made a lunch pail featuring the figures.

  4. Man-a guy who had a shop next to my moms when I was little sold these! I was able to keep three around during my entire childhood (Reptillica, the scorpion queen, and Tarantuella) and was actually able to find another set on ebay during the holidays with Sarapede and Vampira (and extras of the three I already have) only the package was opened and Draconia was missing.

    Do you think you could possibly part with a Draconia from that bucket, so I could complete my set? I'd pay for it of course!

    1. Sorry, but I don't have that bucket. It is just a picture I found.



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