Wednesday, September 10, 2014

UNKNOWN: Vending Machine Rubber Orcs

According what I have read on the net (so it must be true), these orcs were distributed by two companies in Asia and one in North America.  They came individually packaged out of vending machines and I have read that they were sold in bags at party supply stores.  The same source says that they are a Russian design that was produced in China. They have interchangeable arms and legs so you can mix and match to make tons of variations.  They are about 50mm and come in brown and gray.


  1. Is there anywhere you can still get these?

  2. I see them on ebay, but not very often. I have some available for trade. Check out my trade lists.

  3. If any body is interested.I got 10 new(old stock) sets listed in my site stores as off now, also at eBay but selling quick
    The correct size run from 46 mm smaller poses to actually 57 mm all could be swap to create new poses out of original 8 poses pack sets of 16 figures, arms could be change too. Soft plastic material

    1. Thanks. I see you dropped the price to $45. That is a good deal.



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