Sunday, October 5, 2014

LONTIC: The Legend of Dragon/The Wars Between Evil & Mankind

I found these 60mm warrior figures in Ireland in 2012.  The dragons are sold in the USA under a bunch of names. I love the title "The Wars Between Evil and Mankind."  I think man would likely be on both sides in that war.  I keep finding versions of the dragons at dollar stores.  The back of the header bag at the bottom actually lists the manufacturer.


  1. Sometimes mankind is evil, and sometimes not. So, who is the "evil" here?? The dragons, for me, are protectors, warriors, fighters, as Pendradon of King Arthur. But history is clear that some kings or rulers as Mordred can be the seed of evil, just as Hitler, Stalin, Trump, Fujimori of nowadays... The dragons aren't the evil side here, for me, "mankind" even is more evil, sometimes.

  2. Ya, like I said. man would be on both sides of that war. Might be dragons on both sides as well. I am no Trump lover, but putting him on a list with Hitler and Stalin is way way way over reacting. Putin and Xi are far more vile than Trump on his worst day. I view Trump as more of a disappointing clown than a actual threat to peace. But hey, your opinion is just as valid as mine.

  3. Found a packaged set in portugese from Brazil:




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