Tuesday, December 16, 2014

TOY MAJOR: Tomb Warrior

Toy Major started putting out these skeleton figures in the early 2000s under the name Tomb Warrior.  They are still coming out in various forms.  I recently found a new set on Amazon with dark gray figures and a cool version of the castle front.  Copies and bootlegs are starting to show up.  I have found some orange and black rubber copies recently, and a 40mm set in red plastic that includes two figures modified to be skeleton pirates.

These are not made by Toy Major, but fit great


Found this picture on the net somewhere.  


  1. Oh my goodness, I have that dragon! Never knew where he came from, half the mystery is solved, as I don't have any of the other pieces from these sets and don't remember buying him.

  2. Cool. I think those dragons were sold separately as well as being included in the playset.

  3. I've never seen those dragons before. Very nice! Are they taller than the skeleton figures?

  4. They are bigger, and I think they are actually from the Darkness Warriors rather than any of the Toy Major versions of these skeleton figures. I know one of the dragons is a copy of a companion figure from the Skeleton Warriors action figure line.

  5. Looks like these guys also hung out in a Castle Grayskull-esque keep.

    1. Wow! That one is new to me. I love it, and now I want one. Thanks for the link.

  6. Here is a variant castle that I just got - interestingly enough it was sold under the Simba label although it seems to be a Toy Major Tomb Warrior set. Looks pretty good with the red trim:


  7. Here is a set that features skeleton pirates. It was sold at Target under the Elite Forces line. They are the same size as the Tomb Warriors figures.


  8. I just picked up this neat set - it is sealed.