Tuesday, December 30, 2014

HING FAT/FISHEL: Terrible Monster / Monsters & Goblins

Hing Fat and Fishel put out bags of these figures under different names.  They are about 45mm.  They first came out in the 1990s.  12 figures and a spooky tree.  Some of the weirdest figures ever made.

Hing Fat recently released a new set of these figures in a plastic bucket called "Monsters."  This release has some new colors and accessories, but is made from fairly poor quality plastic which is very brittle compared to the original figures.  The figures are not as brittle as the accessories.  You get two of the spooky trees in the bucket which is great because the tree is harder to find than the original figures.  These spooky trees have a much darker paint job than the originals.  The bucket also includes a weird castle, two treasure chests and two black topped covered wagons (for moving vampires around in the day time I assume).  That is a cool twist on an otherwise unremarkable wild west covered wagon.  I have only seen this set on Amazon and Ebay, but it will probably hit some stores sooner or later.

Original Hing Fat/Fishel.


  1. Just got my set today! my two treasure chests came broken as did one of the covered wagon but otherwise am pretty happy with it....but i have to ask a question....did you only get one witch with yours? just curious.

  2. I got several of the witch. The only figure I did not get duplicates of is the zombie. Must be random.

  3. Mine arrived yesterday. both "treasure chests" were broken as well - quality stuff. I got only two witches and three coffin guys. only one devil/merman guy. the rest were all four or five. which is a shame as they are also my least favorite. although my daughter loves "naked fat troll man" guy. I will have to keep my eye on her.

  4. Got mine today..broken treasure chests here as well. I got at least two of each figure EXCEPT the four armed inner tube looking monster..of those I got NONE! I am bummed about that...maybe I can get a couple on trade if anyone else is missing figures. I've got a bunch of pitchfork guys, two headed guys and hole in the chest guys if anyone is looking for those.

  5. I know a guy who is looking to trade these figures. He is trying to put together full sets in each color. His site is called Little Weirdos. There is a link on my blog roll. Check him out.

  6. Interesting toy line, but what really grabbed me was your figures are in front of your Robert E. Howard Paperback collection, same as mine.




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