Friday, January 23, 2015

VOLKS/KABAYA: Myths of the World

These world mythology figures were released in Japan and new series are ongoing. Each figure represents a god, demon or monster.  They are made of rubber and come in at least two parts that must be put together. They are not a puzzle to put together, it is as easy as attaching an arm or foot. I don't know why they bother.  There are painted and unpainted versions.  They average around 60mm. The sculpts are good but some of the rubber hardens and becomes brittle, leading to easy breaks. Several of the figures have poorly designed stands and will not stand up on their own.   I am no expert on world mythology, but even I have spotted some glaring inaccuracies. For example, their version of Oden has both eyes.  The figures pictured are the first and third series.


  1. These look pretty awesome! and am surprise that they have not found there way here yet.

  2. Thanks. There are two more of the Egyptian figures that broke on me because the rubber became so brittle. They are not durable enough to play with, which is a shame.




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